49th Durgapuja Theme

Since 1969 from C.I.T Road

Started in the year 1969 from C.I.T Road, Beleghata.This is one of the most prestigious clubs of Beleghata. In the past few years Beleghata Sandhani Club emerged with new thoughts and has generated tremendous interest in the mind of the viewers.In the history of puja from 1969 to 2018 various high dignitaries inaugurated and visted our puja.

Club Visitors

Beleghata SANDHANI Club, a cultural club of Beleghata, Kolkata-700010, having its own many facility. The organization was established in the year 1970. “Sandhani Club” has been organizing Durga Puja/Sarodotsav during the last 43 years.

“DURGA PUJA/SARODOTSAB” festival of KOLKATA is very famous. Thousands & Thousands of spectators from all over India and abroad enjoy this grand festival being attracted by its unique arts, culture, decoration, pandals, image etc.

Now-a-days this grand festival is held especially in Kolkata on mostly competition basis on the PATRONAGE & SPONSORSHIP OF MULTINATIONALS with the motto to attract MORE & MORE

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